Phaerax' Wind: A Breath of Heart Tv Review

Rated: 5

There are lots of funny elements added into Wind. Some of them reach their goal, while others don’t quite manage to get more than a polite smile to your face. Often what you see on the screen is not some kind of hilarious situation but simply a bunch of kids fighting among themselves.
Gory action sequences are not what you would expect from Wind, and are naturally not included. It does include some mystery and even melee action though. The main mystery-subplot is presented and resolved too quickly to intrigue.
The most obvious failure of Wind is having too many story-threads and forgetting that the whole series in no longer than a film. The main thread, the one that started the first episode, gets buried under the individual episodes, instead of being developed by them.

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Phaerax' Shadow Skill Tv Review

Rated: 7

If you like medieval animes Shadow Skill will get your face glued on your monitor (or TV-screen) with it’s adrenaline-rising battles and special moves. Elle will have you bumping on your chair every time she screams out her Shadow Skill ultimate move. If you enjoy seeing would-be super-villains having their devious plans spoiled and their faces thrashed this is the anime for you. Don’t search for too many hidden meanings and symbolisms here, Shadow Skill is all about cool characters fighting cool opponents and prevailing through their determination and strength of will. The sub-plots and the dialogues build the characters very well and you really end up caring about both the good guys and the not-so-good guys. Of course there are also those who just deserve what they get.

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